Miki grew up on the Izu Peninsula in coastal Japan. At 20 years old, she embarked on a solo journey to the East coast of Canada. While studying at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Miki explored a new culture and cultivated her painting, jewelry making and sculpting skills.  

While she thrived on the freeing direct process of oil painting, she also enjoyed the technical aspects of metal smithing and was always harmonizing the two. She finds the combination gives good balance to her creative mind, and she continues focusing on metal, painting and calligraphy.

She moved to NYC and completed her studies at the Cooper Union and Parsons School of Design. 

During school in 1998, she started working at Jill Platner, NY based jewelry designer and sculptor, whose dignity and pure passion for metalwork grabs Miki’s heart.  Miki worked very closely with Jill Platner for years before and after she launched her own line in 2001.

In 2009, Miki spent two years working back in her homeland, Japan, where she was inspired to rediscover her native culture the stunning landscapes of the Izu Peninsula and the tradition of arts in her family.

Miki continues to find inspiration from her personal experience and interactions with the people and creatures she encounters. The straightforward durability of ancient metal work that survives history has long been a muse, and mastery of craftsmanship in any art form.

Miki has continued to develop her unique organic precision style as a metalsmith and jewelry designer, and currently designs and produces her own lines from her Brooklyn, NY studio.  

All the pieces you see on this website are handmade in Miki's studio in Brooklyn, New York.